St. Anthony’s Church

Opening hours

06:30 - 18:00


First built of bamboo and wood before 1560, this is one of the oldest churches in Macao, also marking the site where the Jesuits set up their earliest headquarters in the city. The church was reconstructed in stone in 1638, rebuilt in 1810 and 1875, while the present appearance and scale of the church dates back to 1930. Previously, members of the Portuguese community would hold wedding ceremonies there, so giving rise to the Chinese name of Fa Vong Tong (Church of Flowers).

The church is a two-storey building with a simple neo-classical façade, topped by a boldly ornamented classical pediment. The church front is asymmetrical, with a threestorey high belfry. Decorative window architraves on the second level stretch the width of the building providing additional architectural interest to the design.

South Facade