Dom Pedro V Theatre

Opening hours

closed on Tuesdays


Built in 1860 as the first western-style theatre in China, this is today one of the most important cultural landmarks in the context of the local Macanese community and a venue for important public events and celebrations that remains in use to this day.

Dom Pedro V Theatre is neo-classical in design, incorporating a portico front on a rectilinear plan. The façade is topped with a triangular pediment supported on four sets of Ionic columns. Three archways, each measuring 3 metres wide by 6 metres high, rise on pedestals resting on granite steps. The ornamentation on the green stucco façade is relatively restrained, with festoons above the arches and simple floral patterns around frames accentuated in white plaster. Similarly the cornice and architrave mouldings are highlighted in white, in contrast with the building.

South-East Elevation

North-East Elevation