Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Opening hours

Monday 14:00 - 20:00, Tuesday to Sunday 08:00 - 20:00


This building was constructed before 1894 and was originally the residence of Dona Carolina Cunha. Hong Kong businessman Sir Robert Ho Tung purchased it in 1918, using it as his retreat until his relocation to Macao during the Second World War when Hong Kong fell into the hands of the Japanese in 1941. He passed away and in accordance with his will, the building was presented to the Macao Government for conversion into a public library.

A mansion in typical Macanese style, the building is three storeys tall, presenting an arched façade featuring pilasters with Ionian-inspired capitals and highlighted with friezes and mouldings in white-painted stucco on a background of ochre yellow. A reflection of the mansion’s overall style, the main entrance features a wall arcade, decorated at the top with cobalt blue glazed balustrades, standing out in vivid contrast against the yellow walls. The interior incorporates traditional Chinese influences, while the garden landscaping is of decidedly Western origin, featuring several rare botanical specimens.

South-East Elevation